Yeast Infection

Great Guide On How To Avoid Yeast Infection

If you’re a woman, you probably know a great deal about yeast infections. You may have even had one. Whether you’ve already had one or not, it’s crucial that you know how to cope with a yeast infection. The following are some great ways to handle a yeast infection.

After high-energy activities, change your clothes. You will find this to be helpful in creating a fresh, dry environment that will lessen the chances of an infection forming.

If you wish to keep yeast infections at bay, dry your skin as much as possible after swimming or showering. One main culprit of any yeast infection is water. If there isn’t any moisture in which the yeast can thrive, you will probably experience fewer infections.

Profuse sweat encourages a humid, warm environment. This environment is perfect for yeast growth. Wear clothing that’s made of natural materials. This fabric breathes and keeps sweat away from your body. Stay away from synthetic materials such as spandex, nylon or Lycra. These types of materials trap humidity and sweat.

When you suspect you may be developing a yeast infection, make an appointment with your doctor. The longer you allow it to linger, the longer it will take to cure it.

Which products do you use in the bath? Do not use cleansers and soaps that have dyes and fragrances. These cleansers mess with the natural pH balance of your vagina and that’s what causes yeast infections. Rather, your focus and choices should be on milder products that are hypoallergenic.

Don’t use a douche. You may think these get you clean, but they actually help throw your pH balance off. When you disrupt the natural environment, it makes infections more likely. Normal washing with soap and warm water is all that is required.

Synthetic fabrics and tight clothing should be avoided at all costs. Tight undergarments restricts airflow and traps moisture and heat close to your body. Yeast flourishes in a moist and warm environment that is created when there is poor air circulation. Choose looser clothing that is made from materials that breathe.

A common cause of yeast infections, which may seem counter-intuitive, is douching. Although numerous women think doing so can stave off yeast infections, it actually encourages the development of them. Using a douche can upset the bacteria in your vagina. When this is out of balance, you will be more susceptible to a yeast infection.

Yeast infections are contagious, so exercise caution at all times. If you have a sexual partner, abstain for at least a week after your infection is gone. If you have the infection in your throat or mouth, don’t kiss loved ones and wash your silverware thoroughly.

If you are sexually active, both partners should be treated for a yeast infection if one of them has one. You can constantly trade the infection between the two of you. If you have an infection, use a condom.

If you are sexually active, your partner may also need to be treated for a yeast infection. Yeast infections have the ability to be passed between partners, and in order to be cured, both partners need treatment. Your doctor will be able to recommend any needed treatment for your partner.

Acidophilus tablets are an excellent way to protect yourself from having a yeast infection. The bacteria in these tablets promote a good balance of flora in your gut and the rest of your body. When the flora inside your body is imbalanced, yeast tends to overgrow.

The burn and itch of a yeast infection is infuriating. These symptoms usually take a while to disappear even if you are receiving treatment for it. If you want relief fast, try putting cool towels over your vagina. Ice may also be helpful. Never ever scratch an area affected by a yeast infection!

Going commando can be correlated to increased prevalence of yeast infections. To keep the crotch area drier, wear underwear made from cotton. Going commando will only worsen your problems.

Make sure that your vagina has ample air for a higher level of breathability. Cotton underwear is a great solution to this problem. Certain fabrics, such as lace and satin, can actually trap in heat and moisture and can both cause and worsen yeast infections.

Any products used on the vagina should be unscented and contain as many natural ingredients as possible. While the comforts associated with lovely scents are desired, their negative effects far outweigh the benefits. Use the scented product outside of your underwear, or concentrate on using perfume in other areas of your body.

Soak a tampon with plain yogurt and several tea tree oil drops. Allow the tampon to soak for fifteen minutes or so, then place it in the vagina. You can leave the tampon in for around three hours, you will feel very relieved from pain, irritation, and burning.

If you are suffering from any sort of yeast infection, you should visit your doctor’s office and ask for a prescription for anti-fungal cream. They can soothe your vagina and make normal functions more bearable.

Make sure you use lots of garlic. Garlic can function as a fungicide, so using it frequently can be a great preventative measure. These work to help your body fend off potential yeast infections before they have a chance to gain a foothold. Try eating garlic in your dishes daily.

A natural treatment is to wash with a peroxide and warm water mix. Research has proven that hydrogen peroxide is effective in both the prevention and curing of yeast infections. Think about putting a couple of cups of your hydrogen peroxide into bath water.

If yeast infections are an ongoing problem, work on limiting your intake of caffeine and sugar. Sugar can yield yeast, which is the foundation of a yeast infection. Try cutting down your consumption by half and see if it helps.

Now that you’ve been informed about yeast infections, it will be much easier to treat one. It does not matter if you’ve had one or not. Being more knowledgeable about yeast infections is something that can always come in handy.